Xie Xingfang seems to have recovered from Lin Dan’s extramarital affair

Zhang Jike (back) poses for a photograph with Xie Xingfang (left) and Lin Dan. (photo: Zhang Jike)

Beijing: A picture is worth a thousand words – or so the saying goes. A picture has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages.Zhang Jike (back) poses for a photograph with Xie Xingfang (left) and Lin Dan. (photo: Zhang Jike)

Zhang Jike who became the fourth male player in the history of Ping Pong to achieve a career Grand Slam, posted a picture of Lin Dan, Xie Xingfang and himself on his own social media page on Friday.

In that picture, Xie Xingfang was looking calm and happy sitting next to Lin Dan, and the couple seemed to have reconciled after Lin Dan’s cheating-scandal drama started a social media storm in the mid-November last year.

One day after the cheating scandal broke, Lin Dan then quickly issued an apology for the extra-marital affair he had with a Chinese model when Xie Xingfang was pregnant.

Nevertheless, some Chinese internet users thought that picture was just another Lin Dan’s public relations technique ultimately aiming to improve and to rebuild Lin Dan’s reputations after his cheating scandal.

Regardless, as the infidelity incident diffused, badminton fans will still love to see “Super Dan” get back to the court and show the badminton world his fascinating badminton skills.


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