Relax, Lin Dan Fans, he can still make the 2017 World Championships

Lin Dan is highly motivated to qualify world meet spot. (photo: AFP)

Kuala Lumpur: Lin Dan’s fans should breathe a sigh of relief after the two-time Olympic champion won Malaysia Open men’s singles title two weeks ago in Kuching. A loss in the Malaysia Open final to Lee Chong Wei could put the 5-time World Champion in peril of not qualifying for the 2017 World Championships that will be held August 21–27 at Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland.Lin Dan is highly motivated to qualify world meet spot. (photo: AFP)

According to the latest “Race to Glasgow” rankings released by Badminton World Federation (BWF) last Thursday, Lin was ranked No. 10 with total of 55,558 points. Lin only needed to reach quarter-finals of the 2017 China Masters that kicked off on April 18 in order to earn enough points to surpass Chen Long by securing a spot in the World Championships.

A country could register a maximum of four players/pairs entries if it has total of 4 players or pairs that ranked in the top 8 of “Race to Glasgow” rankings; it could register up to 3 players/pairs if it has 3 players/pairs on top 24th while up to 2 eligible players/pairs if it has 2 players/pairs ranked in top 150th.

The world ranking of on April 27, 2017 will determine the eligibility of players to qualify for the BWF World Championships, and China Masters will be the last tournament for Lin Dan to earn qualifying points for the World meet.

Lin Dan is currently ranked fourth among the Chinese players behind Shi Yuqi (world No. 6), Tian Houwei (No. 7) and Chen Long (No. 8).

If Lin Dan could make the final eight or semi-final of China Masters, he would earn addition 3850 points (quarter-final) or 4900 points (semi-finals) to become the second highest ranked player on the list after Shi Yuqi.

Lin Dan could even surge to become the top ranked Chinese player on the list should he able to win the China Masters. If his teammate Tian Houwei makes the final four at China Masters, Chen Long will be squeezed out of the top eight. Chen will have to replace one of his teammate if he would like to compete in the World Championships.


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