6 players may recover unpaid wages from Guangzhou Badminton Club quicker than Lin Dan

Not only Lin Dan in CBSL, some players in Malaysia Purple League were reportedly owed unpaid wages too.

Beijing: After Chinese badminton star Lin Dan blasted Guangzhou Yueyu badminton club for failing to pay him and six others for the 2016-2017 season of China Badminton Super League (CBSL), Guangzhou Yueyu has taken a step towards clearing the disputes by becoming more proactive on the issue.Not only Lin Dan in CBSL, some players in Malaysia Purple League were reportedly owed unpaid wages too.

According to owner of the Guangzhou Yueyu badminton club – Gao Jun, he said Guangzhou Yueyu badminton club has signed a four year contract with Huizhou Corporation that owned by Fu Xun, allowing Huizhou Corporation to run all the business operations for that club. Gao Jun told reporters that even he himself was owed wages from Huizhou Corporation.

When reporter contacted Fu Xun, Fu said he already explained the whole situation to club’s title sponsor Heyuan Agricultural Bank of China since this incident had tarnished the bank’s reputation.

“Heyuan Agricultural Bank already paid the sponsorship money, and they are not the cause of the problem,” Fu clarified.

Fu said he is currently working with Heyuan local sports bureau to coordinate the payment issues.

“I don’t mean to delay the payments to those players, and we’ve never avoided the problem,” said Fu.

Fu Xun further asserted that he will try his best clear the unpaid salaries to 6 of those players as soon as possible. However, Fu said he will need more time to pay Lin Dan’s wages for the 2016-2017 season (which ended in February), because Lin’s contract was worth total of four million yuan ($583,000 USD).

In addition to 7 players above, it was reported that the club’s foreign players such as Lee Yong-Dae and Shin Baek-Cheol were facing the same problem with the organization until higher ranking officials stepped in and demanded payment of the arrears to the two Korean players.


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