Rashid: Leave it to us


CONFIDENT: He believes current coaches capable of producing winners

NATIONAL men’s singles chief Rashid Sidek is confident it is  possible to help the  men’s singles squad progress fast without further additions to his coaching staff.

Rashid and Tey Seu Bock are in charge of Lee Chong Wei and three other shuttlers while Hendrawan looks after the other seven players but a possible reshuffle will see all three playing significant roles in guiding the combination of seniors and back-up players.

The BA of Malaysia (BAM) is keen to add Li Mao in the set-up but the China coach’s troubled previous stint doesn’t make him a favourite among the current group of coaches in the national team.

Li Mao, who was hired in April, 2005, only lasted until January, 2007, as he decided to leave without offering a concrete reason although it was understood some of the changes he wanted to implement didn’t get the greenlight of BAM and there was also a fallout between him and Chong Wei.

However, Rashid said Li Mao is not a factor at this point as there has been no confirmation of his arrival but he is more concerned about the role the current singles coaches will be playing.

"I believe the current three coaches are capable of helping the younger players progress faster and I don’t think an additional coach, even if a foreigner, can do much," said Rashid.

"Chong Wei is slowing down and there is an opening now as he is willing to help the youngsters by sparring with them more. In the buildup to the Olympics, the other players helped in his training sessions but they can now progress faster with Chong Wei playing the mentor’s role.

"The coaching and training committee (CTC) must give us an insight first on what direction BAM is taking as we have yet to know the long term plan of the association.

"There was plenty of focus on Chong Wei’s preparations for the Olympics but now we can focus on others as well. Seu Bock, Hendrawan and I have been with these players for some time and we can bring about the changes if BAM has faith in us."


Li Mao has been sacked by Indonesia BA (PBSI) less than a year after being hired.


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