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2012 Korea Open: Eom Hye Won, Jang Ye Na raise Women’s Doubles trophy (pic)

Category: Badminton News Published: 10 December 2012
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2012 Korea Open: Eom Hye Won, Jang Ye Na raise Women’s Doubles trophy – Badminton News

Women’s Doubles partners Eom Hye Won and Jang Ye Na lived up to the billing and claimed top spot on the victory stand of Korea Grand Prix Gold on Sunday, December 9, 2012.

They were up against the compatriot duo Lee So Hee-Shin Seung Chan and this encounter remained in full swing for 53 minutes in local badminton arena of Hwasun-gun.2012 Korea Open: Eom Hye Won, Jang Ye Na raise Women’s Doubles trophy – Badminton News

Both native teams entertained the crowd throughout this straight-set match but finally the top seeded pair sealed its victory with an impressive result of 21-13 and 21-17.

World Number seven duo Hye Won-Ye Na relished full benefits of its supremacy and dazzled the opposing team with a lustrous performance.

Both female shuttlers forged a fruitful chemistry immediately in the opening game and established an early lead by clinching first match point.

They set the ball rolling with couple of consecutive points and then maintained that momentum until the half time.

The twosome of So Hee and Seung Chan could not match their rivals’ speed on the court and kept trailing behind all the way to one-minute break.

They finished first half of the set with an ordinary total and then failed to come out of their competitors’ influence in latter part of the game.

Meanwhile, Hye Won and Ye Na gathered some pace and left their challengers far behind with a notable margin.

At first, they widened the gap in third quarter of the set and then transformed this lead into a winning figure of 21-13.

The prime Korean team ruled the court also in the second game as both female shuttlers showed commendable coordination and sealed their straight-set victory.

Hye Won and Ye Na got into commanding position by prevailing in the establishing rallies and they never lost the grip throughout this crucial segment.

They played with an authoritative approach and piled up an indomitable total of 11 before the one-minute break.

After the interval, they kept a low profile for a short span of time which allowed the opposing team to narrow the gap but they struck hard when it mattered.

Hye Won and Ye Na registered an overwhelming score of 21-17 and claimed the Women’s Doubles crown in this GP Gold event.



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