Viktor Axelsen withdraws from All England to recover from surgery

Wish Viktor Axelsen a speedy recovery. (photo: Viktor Axelsen's Instagram)
Wish Viktor Axelsen a speedy recovery. (photo: Viktor Axelsen's Instagram)

Copenhagen: Reigning World champion and World No. 1 Viktor Axelsen of Denmark has withdrawn from the 2018 All England that will be held from March 14 to March 18 due to an ankle surgery.
Axelsen posted on Instagram to announce the success of his surgery and about his withdrawal from All England on Friday. Below was the message he posted on Instagram:

Hi everyone. I want to give you a quick update on yesterday’s ankle surgery. It was a success! The surgeon removed the debris that was getting caught in the ankle joint and no cartilage damage was present which is great! According to the surgeon I’m looking at a recovery of at least 3-5 weeks. Resting this long will try my patience as I’m a guy who likes to stay active!!! However, it’s important that I don’t try to rush things, injure something and return to the surgeon’s table again 😝! This also means that I probably won’t get to play All England this year which I’m highly disappointed about as this tournament has such a phenomenal history and atmosphere about it. Yet, I fully realize that it’s of the utmost importance that I allow my foot to fully heal 100% so that it does not become a reoccurring issue in the future. I’ll keep you updated on the recovery. Thanks again for all the support; you guys are the best! Looking forward to get back to work as soon as my foot allows it.


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