Goh Jin Wei receives warm welcome home following World Junior victory

Goh Jin Wei, Toh Ee Wei, Pearly Tan Koong Le (from left) return to Malaysia on Tuesday. (photo: AFP)
Goh Jin Wei, Toh Ee Wei, Pearly Tan Koong Le (from left) return to Malaysia on Tuesday. (photo: AFP)

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s 18-year-old Goh Jin Wei who created a moment she’s certainly will be unforgettable — finishing her junior career on a high by winning her second World Junior title on Sunday.

The Penang-born women’s singles player beat 13th seeded Line Christophersen of Denmark 21-13, 21-11 in the girls’ singles final in Markham, Canada.

Goh told reporters that she cried after losing to China’s No. 1 seed Wang Zhiyi in the World Junior mixed team event but was able to regroup and made some adjustments to beat Wang Zhiyi in the semi-final of the individual event. This was her second victory over Wang after seeing off the same opponent in women’s singles final of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in October.

“There’s a large a gap between me and the World’s top 10 players in term of their overall consistency and their ability to recognize and adjust to their opponents’ style of play,” said Goh.

“My next move would be to start preparing for next year’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualification. I hope my teammates could join me and work toward achieving our Olympic goals,” added Goh.

Meanwhile, even though Pearly Tan Koong Le/Toh Ee Wei had to settle for silver in the World Junior girls’ doubles final, Toh hoped she could continue partnering with Pearly Tan Koong Le.

Malaysia’s junior doubles coach Amelia Alicia Anscelly told reporters that she would suggest women’s doubles head coach Rosman Razak to send Pearly Tan Koong Le/Toh Ee Wei to more tournaments at the senior level.

“In terms of playing as a pair in the senior level, it is up to Rosman because I am sure he has his own plans,” said the 2015 SEA Games gold medalist.

“However I would suggest him to give Pearly/Ee Wei more exposure at senior level. Probably starting at low-level tournaments such as International Series and International Challenge,” added Anscelly.


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