Viktor Axelsen & other players reach collective agreement with Badminton Denmark

Viktor Axelsen has complained about the small number of subsidies provided by Denmark's Badminton Union (DBF). (photo: BWF)
Viktor Axelsen has complained about the small number of subsidies provided by Denmark's Badminton Union (DBF). (photo: BWF)

Copenhagen: The sponsorship disputes between Viktor Axelsen and other Denmark players against Denmark Badminton Union (DBF) have consented to a new collective agreement between the players and the organization.

Last Sunday, after Danish player, Anders Antonsen won the 2019 Indonesia Masters without a coach, DBF had announced a collective agreement with the newly formed Denmark Badminton Player Association, which allowed most players, including Hans-Kristian Vittinghus, Anders Antonsen and Jan Jorgensen to return to the Denmark national team. Those players were barred from using the national team training center for regular training at the end of November in 2018.

On Tuesday, Viktor Axelsen also signed an agreement to return to Denmark national team.

In a statement release by Denmark Badminton last Sunday, it said: “It is with great pleasure that today we have overcome a difficult period for Danish badminton. With the new collective agreement with our elite badminton players, it is time to look forward together and create a brighter future for Danish badminton.”

“The new national team agreement provides clarity in relation to the different parties’ rights and obligations towards each other. At the same time, the agreement creates a clear framework for working together so that Badminton Denmark can continue to provide the players with safe and stable conditions and to help them develop their games, securing more medals for Denmark in the future.”

“Since January 14, Martin Juul Christensen has been leading the negotiations between the players and Badminton Denmark.”

“The negotiation has been done constructively with a solution where the players form their own Badminton Player Association, and a co-operation committee has been set up consisting of at least two player representatives and two representatives of Badminton Denmark.”

“The agreement was made to be clearer and easier to understand to avoid any further misunderstandings of the agreement and to provide better opportunities to increase Badminton Denmark’s commercial income through national team sponsorships, all of which go directly or indirectly to the elite players and the development of the elite program.”

“As before, players have the opportunity to set up their own sponsors.”

“Should the disputes or disagreements arise between the parties in the future, we will go through mediators if the disagreement cannot be resolved amicably through dialogue and the cooperation committee.”

“The new collective agreement comes into effect immediately. This means that the elite badminton players can start training at the National Elite Training Center in Brøndby on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, and can be selected for the prominent European Mixed Team Championships that will be held at Frederiksberg from Feb 13 to Feb 17.”


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