Mads Conrad-Petersen to retire after 2020 Thomas Cup Finals

Mads Conrad-Petersen announces retirement after 2020 Thomas Cup Finals.(photo: Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)
Mads Conrad-Petersen announces retirement after 2020 Thomas Cup Finals.(photo: Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)

Copenhagen: Mads Conrad-Petersen, the former World No. 4 men’s doubles player (with Mads Pieler Kolding) from Denmark, revealed Friday that he has decided to call it quits after the 2020 Thomas Cup Finals that will be held in Aarhus in August.

He posted statement below on his social media page informing fans of his decision:

“Hi everyone.

I have been doing lots of thinking about what the right thing for me will be now when my partnership with Mathias is coming to an end.
I have had so many incredible moments during my badminton career and I am so happy and proud of what I have achieved together with my partners through the years. Many ups and downs but to be honest it is definitely the victory moments, the feeling of improving and reaching the highest of my potential that pups up in my head.
Fighting against the best in the world, beating (almost) everyone and being competable has been amazing.

I have learned so much from this life and I sincerely feel I have gained so much experience which I am 100% sure I can use for the rest of my life.
Thank you to all my partners, Jonas, Rasmus, Boe and Kolding. It has been a privilege to play with you guys.

But I have decided to retire internationally after Thomas Cup in August.
During national championships in start of February I told my parents and during European team championships I told my mental coach so I have been completely sure for a while and I have been extremely happy and relaxed ever since the decision was final! I know it is the right decision.

Then came the Corona virus and my last asia trip to India/Malaysia got cancelled and now the Thomas Cup also got postponed. But I really want to end on a high and I would love to retire with a Thomas Cup medal on home soil in Denmark in August.

In many ways badminton has also been tough on me. Often I have been nervous of failing and not doing good enough on court and the pressure of constantly be put on a loop by spectators, coaches, commentators, tv viewers and others, has not always felt good and never natural for me.
Income rising when winning, falling dramatic when loosing and traveling 120+ days a year away from my family ( soon one more member πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜), has also been a tough combination for a family man like me from a small town in Jutland. There is very far from Askov to Istora Senayan πŸ˜‚

On all parameters I am mentally done, and I look forward to a new life where I am sure I will do even better than on the badminton court.
I look forward to be judged also from my personality and human skills and not only my badminton skills πŸ‘
I am still very ambitious for the future, but from August, just not as a profession badminton player anymore.

But Badminton has been giving me so many friends and connections around the world and memories I will never ever forget. I have travelled around the world and played in the most legendary arenas, and beaten almost everyone with Kolding especially.. Lots of memorable matches in my head and lots of good quality time with all my different partners throughout the years.

I am really proud of my career eventhough I never reached the last level required to win the biggest titles and get the biggest medals and I am thankful for the experiences I have gotten through my professional badminton career.

Now all focus will be on Thomas Cup in Aarhus in August ( first I need to be selectied for the team )
Hopefully it will still be played.. only time will tell.

More updates will come when returning to regular practice. Hopefully in the near future.
Thank you everyone and stay home and stay safe🀞”

BadmintonPlanet would like to wish him success in all his future endeavors.


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