Jonatan Christie describes his daily routine during the coronavirus self-quarantine

Jonatan Christie stays active during the coronavirus self-quarantine. (photo: AFP)
Jonatan Christie stays active during the coronavirus self-quarantine. (photo: AFP)

Jakarta: Indonesia’s World No. 7 men’s singles player Jonatan Christie has been in a so far pretty quiet season after all international tournaments were either postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

After coming back from the All England Open last Sunday (March 15th), Christie has been in self-quarantine but still exercising and workouts to maintain his physical condition.

The 22-year-old player has remained active by getting used to the changes in his training routine due to the self-quarantine situation.

“I have been jogging quit a lot and also doing some light exercise too,” said Christie.

Christie was also paying serious attention on weight management to prevent unwanted weight gain from staying too long without intensive training.

He was originally planned to maintain his physical condition for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, the event has since been postponed until 2021.

“It’s part of my plan to lose weight before going to the 2020 Olympics. It’s difficult to compete if I weight too much,” explained Christie.

“I will keep myself in this weight until the Olympics,” said the 2019 New Zealand Open champion.


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