BAM may seek extra coaches after Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponement

BAM looks to add new coaches to its setting. (photo: BAM)
BAM looks to add new coaches to its setting. (photo: BAM)

Kuala Lumpur: As International Olympic Committee (I.O.C) has decided to reschedule the Tokyo Games for July 23, 2021 to August 8, 2021, there may be some opportunities for BAM to strengthen its coaches rosters with the addition of new talents.

Under the current set-up, Tey Seu Bock and Rosman Razak, were in charge of the women’s singles and women’s doubles departments respectively until the end of 2020 Olympics. In addition, other coaches including coaching director Wong Choong Hann were contracted until end of 2020.

However, when speaking to reporters, BAM secretary general Kenny Goh seemed willing to keep the option open as many other coaches may run into the same contractual situation, and chose not to extend contracts with their existing organizations.

“Yes, we have been looking for new coaches. The Olympics postponement actually open up a window of opportunity because some top coaches may not want to commit or re-negotiate with their existing organizations,” said Goh.

“I think those coaches could make a difference to the team,” added Goh.

In regards to the current 11-member national team coaching set-up, which was headed by Wong Choong Hann, Goh said BAM would appraise each contract individually.

“We’ll perform due diligence and will appraise the renewal of coaches’ contracts accordingly,” explained Goh.

Currently, BAM’s coaching set up consists of Hendrawan and Indra Wijaya in men’s singles; Paulus Firman, Vountus Indra Mawan and Hoon Thien How in men’s doubles; Tey Seu Bock and Loh Wei Sheng in women’s singles; Rosman Razak and Wong Pei Tty in women’s doubles and Chin Ee Hui and Teo Kok Siang in mixed doubles.


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