Former World No. 1 Roslin Hashim starts a new business of delivering roast chicken

Roslin Hashim delivers roast chicken to his customers. (photo: Roslin Hashim's Facebook -
Roslin Hashim delivers roast chicken to his customers. (photo: Roslin Hashim's Facebook -

Kuala Lumpur: While many companies are hurting during the coronavirus pandemic, Roslin Hashim of Malaysia who achieved World No. 1 at the BWF rankings on May, 24, 2001, was getting creative to find new business opportunity in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Hashim founded his own academy called “Roslin Hashim Badminton Academy” after his retirement, lost his main source of income after the Malaysian government enacted the Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak on 18 March 2020.

Due to the MCO, he was unable to train players, manage his own academy, become a badminton commentator, and had to cancel four invitations to be a guest speaker.

According to Harian Metro, Hashim had started his own business of delivering roast chicken during the month of Ramadan.

“Actually I do not want to blame the MCO, I completely understand that this is an unprecedented event, and it’s the time for people to make personal sacrifices for the greater good,” said Hashim.

Roslin said that the opportunities actually emerged from pure coincidence as his friend was asking him to do a little promotion for the roast chicken business on this social media site.

“After tasting the roast chicken cooked by my friend who happened to live near my house, I tried to help him deliver the orders,” added Hashim.

“The roast chicken was so delicious, that I started collecting orders and delivering the chicken to the customer’s home,” explained Hashim.

According to Hashim, he has been delivering the roast chicken to every customer who placed the order, which also earned him some extra cash during the Covid-19 partial lockdown.

If you are interested at the roast chicken, you can contact Roslin Hashim at


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