Lee Zii Jia & Yang Po Han issue statement in support of Chou Tien Chen’s middle finger incident

Lee Zii Jia issues statement in support of Chou Tien Chen's middle finger incident.
Lee Zii Jia issues statement in support of Chou Tien Chen's middle finger incident.

Kuala Lumpur: The recent “middle finger” incident involving World No. 2 men’s singles player Chou Tien Chen of Taiwan and World No. 10 Lee Zii Jia of Malaysia has caused quite a stir in the badminton community recently.

In the picture of Chou showing a middle finger when he was hugging Lee after the match started circulating on the Internet since last week, and Chou had quickly issued a clarification of that incident which happened in the semi-final of 2018 Chinese Taipei Open.

As another party involved in that situation, Lee Zii Jia also took to his social media to help clear up the misunderstanding with the following statement (translated from Chinese to English by BadmintonPlanet):

“In the 2018 Chinese Taipei semi-finals, the two of us competed intensely. After the match, I walked over to his side and hugged him.

At that time, we were all tired. As for the recent videos and pictures we saw online, they have attracted a great deal of attention.

I strongly believe in Chou’s attitude and behavior. Sometimes, the angle of the videos and pictures was not an accurate depiction of the real situation. Because I could feel his sincerity when we hugged.

Chou and I are also very good friends off-court. We always greet each other when we meet.

Please don’t misunderstand and criticize Chou Tien Chen again, and I am looking forward to another wonderful match with Chou.”

Chou Tien Chen also responded to Lee’s message with the following message:

“We real athletes value one another for sure! Show my best respect to you!



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Meanwhile, Chou’s teammate World No. 19 Yang Po Han also expressed his support for Chou and spoke out about the incident on his own social media page:

“Recently, I have seen a lot of comments on the Internet criticizing Xiaotian (Chou Tien Chen’s nick name) and questioning the spirit of the sportsman. I also have something to say.
As far as I know, Xiaotian, whether it is in technical training or discussing muscle-linked movement training, it can be said that he is a badminton fanatic😅
As far as my personal understanding of Xiaotian is concerned, he is straightforward and very honest. Any unreasonable and unfairness will be directly raised.

For friends, Xiaotian’s care and concern for us is even more incomprehensible. People who know him will know that his presence around him will be like his own brother.
When you have difficulties and problems, there will be patience to teach you and discuss the problem together.

So when I first saw the video of this incident
The first thought was that Xiaotian could not be intentional with this gesture. Moreover, after the fatigue bombardment of both sides in the finals (the Taipei Open had already toured several stations before the Taipei Open, besides, Xiaotian’s world points actually didn’t have to play this level of competition at all. ) But because he is at the home court in Taiwan, he chose to insist on defending the home court, even if his physical condition has reached the level of fatigue that is easily injured ((Then why can I understand this kind of fatigue? Because I also fight everywhere like Xiaotian and adjust my diet at any time And time difference)
The only difference from Xiaotian is that Xiaotian reaches the finals in every event. I only win one




這次會想打一篇單純是因為自己看不下去輿論這樣子講一位這麼認真和品德這麼好的台灣運動員,我覺得我沒辦法再這樣冷眼旁觀讓此事件風向被一些YouTube 影片與留言越講越偏,放任這些亂帶風向,
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