Rudy Hartono Returns Home After Hospitalization Due to Fall at a Park

Wish Rudy Hartono a healthy and fast recovery. (photo: AP)
Wish Rudy Hartono a healthy and fast recovery. (photo: AP)

Jakarta: The Indonesian badminton legend Rudy Hartono who reportedly fell off a bicycle and was hospitalized on September 26, has been discharged from Siloam Hospital in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta last Saturday.

According to his son, the condition for the eight-time All-England champion has improved.

“My dad is still recovering but he has recovered well after being treated for about a week at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village. A neurosurgeon was taking care of my dad,” said Christopher Kurniawan, Rudy Hartono’s son, to detikSport last Sunday.

“My dad experienced some bleeding, but the healing process was quite fast. The team of doctors just let my dad’s body heal naturally, there was no surgery needed,” added Christopher Kurniawan.

“Now at home, my dad can talk and move like normal. However, the doctors have advised him not to do heavy activities for now and get plenty of rest,” he continued.

In fact, Hartono has accompanied his grandson, Gwen Emily Kurniawan, to a tennis practice in Bulungan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

“Once home, he knew his grandson’s schedule for training, he wanted to go to watch his grandson’s practice,” he added.

Christopher also clarified that Rudy Hartono did not fall from his bicycle on September 26 morning as reported by many media outlets. Actually, he fainted while having a morning walk in a park.

“We do not know exactly what happened. But, he was walking, not cycling. My dad did not have a bicycle, he was not jogging either, he was just walking at the park.”

“He was walking, he felt unwell, then sat down trying to rest, but then he fainted,” explained Christopher Kurniawan.

“When I arrived at the hospital, my dad was conscious and could immediately recognize me,” said the 42-year-old Christopher Kurniawan.


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