Hendra Setiawan Hopes to Travel the World With Family

The Tokyo Olympics could be the last Olympics for Hendra Setiawan. (photo: AFP)
The Tokyo Olympics could be the last Olympics for Hendra Setiawan. (photo: AFP)

Jakarta: Indonesia’s 2008 Beijing Olympics men’s doubles gold medalist, Hendra Setiawan said, if possible, he would like to take his three children and his wife to go on vacation. Because until now, he had not had the opportunity to take his family to visit fun places in other countries. Besides the coronavirus pandemic, his training schedule and the re-start of international tournaments have made his travel arrangement quite difficult.

“I want to take my children and wife to go on a vacation. But I haven’t had time yet. If I have time in the future, I’ll bring the kids to Japan to play in Disneyland,” said Setiawan to Indonesian media.

“Then I also wanted to go to New York, USA, and to see the iceberg in Switzerland. I went to Switzerland for a match, but I didn’t have time to travel around to enjoy the city. These plans seemed exciting, but I don’t know when they will materialize. Maybe when after my retirement, haha,” laughed Setiawan.

Setiawan who started playing in the Indonesian senior national badminton team in 2003, often traveled to many places around the world competing in various tournaments. However, he couldn’t fully enjoy the trip due to the busy training schedule and matches.

“If we go to other countries, we usually jump straight into the practice session and the matches immediately. The only time I could go look around the city was when I was looking for food. Every now and then, if I really have time, I’ll go look at landmarks in those countries. But usually, I don’t have time especially if I played until the final,” explained Setiawan.


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