❤️Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo Expecting 3rd Child❤️

We are so excited and happy for Lee Chong Wei & Wong Mew Choo. Congratulations!! (photo: Lee Chong Wei's Facebook)
We are so excited and happy for Lee Chong Wei & Wong Mew Choo. Congratulations!! (photo: Lee Chong Wei's Facebook)

Kuala Lumpur: September 16 was a joyous day for both the Malaysians and also the badminton fans. It was a public holiday in Malaysia to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation in 1963 which united Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore into a single country. Singapore then left the federation in 1965.

Meanwhile, it was also a fantastic day for Malaysia’s badminton legend, Lee Chong Wei, as he is apparently expecting a third child with his wife, Wong Mew Choo.

Lee announced the good news on his social media accounts on Friday with the message below:

1. A while ago, Azlan asked me why Wooi Yik cried when he won the World Championship. I said it’s most likely due to, it is that moment he flashed back all the heart work he done for this country, it’s all worth it now. That moment he knew able to make his family, friends and countrymen proud.
2. Then Nini asked me why I cried on the Olympic podium. My answer ? I couldn’t gave my country the happiness they want.
3. I received offers to coach overseas. Huge offer. But I stayed. Malaysia much better.
4. This is the country you were born. You were schooled. You have memories with your friends and family. Your favorite food is here. You had your biggest laughter here.
5. This country has all the natural resources. No major earthquakes. No volcanos.
6. Imagine a Malaysia without racial politics. Imagine a Malaysia with qualified educated politicians/ leaders. Imagine a Malaysia with one strong advanced school system.
7.Malaysians love to complain. We like to find fault. But don’t u guys think it’s because the more you love the more you hate. The more you care the more you will complain.
8. Anyone born in Malaysia. Deep inside him/her will know Malaysia is real home.
9. Election coming. Let’s all (all parties) make Malaysia the home it should be.
10. I love Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day.
Side note.
1. Sebab sayang sangat negara kita, kita tambah satu lagi warga Malaysia ! Minta semua tolong doakan smooth pregnancy Mew Choo.
2. Tanya budak budak. “Boys , Korang nk baby boy or baby girl?”
Terrance :” x kisah papa. Janji baby and mommy sihat ”
( terus bergenang air di Mata Mew Choo. )
X sempat nk habis terharu…
Kingston :” Baby girl. ”
Saya :” kenapa ?” ( hmm.. maybe budak ni matang gak.. nk adik pompuan sebab dah ada adik lelaki )
Kingston :” oo… u punya pasal la. Tak nk beli controller lebih untuk Nintendo switch aku. Ada 2 je ni. Kalo adik lelaki lagi, kurangla chance untuk I main ”
( Nasib baik belajar yoga 🧘‍♂️ Baru Baru ini )
马来西亚日快乐 🇲🇾”


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