Muar City become Purple League regular season champion

Muar City players taking selfies. Congratulations! (photo: Muar Cit FBy)

Kuala Lumpur: After Muar City shut out Ampang Jaya BC on Tuesday, it’s obvious Muar City would be the number one team heading into end of the 2014-2015 Purple League regular season.

While Lee Hyun-Il was playing at the Djarum Superliga in Indonesia, Muar City’s Ronald Susilo of Singapore and Mak Hee Chun/Tan Bin Shen carried their team to sweep past Ampang Jaya BC 17-6 on Tuesday.Muar City players taking selfies. Congratulations! (photo: Muar Cit FBy)


The victory saw Muar City extended their winning streak to 10 games and it would have been almost impossible for any team in the league to knock them off the top spot of Purple League’s ranking.

Meanwhile, Puchong United was officially dropped out of the regular season championship picture when they were handed a daunting 8-10 defeat by Petaling Jaya BC on Wednesday. With that impressive over Puchong United, Petaling Jaya BC have climbed up in the standings to become the number two team in Purple League.

Even if Puchong United could outscore Muar City by a large margin in their last tie of the season that will be held on Sunday, the best-case scenario would see them going up to the second place, this would also depends on how Petaling Jaya BC fare against Kepong BC on Sunday. A huge loss of Petaling Jaya to Kepong would push the Puchong United from the third place to the second place.


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