Badminton stars rally behind Lee Chong Wei

The whole badminton world is waiting for the return of Lee Chong Wei (left)

Kuala Lumpur: As Lee Chong Wei is less than five days away from his Badminton World Federation (BWF) hearing in Amsterdam, a host of badminton stars have voiced their support for the badminton superstar.The whole badminton world is waiting for the return of Lee Chong Wei (left)


Lin Dan
“Not only does Malaysia need him, but the whole badminton world needs him.”

“If Lee Chong Wei goes to the Rio Olympics, then I am going as well. We would probably be the oldest men’s singles playing in the Olympics. Wish him luck for his hearing.”


Taufik Hidayat
“I’m looking forward to hearing good news from Chong Wei, it will be great news for badminton too.”


Chen Long
“No matter if he wins or loses, Lee Chong Wei is always the badminton legend. Hope he can return to the court, Lee Chong Wei’s presence makes the men’s game more exciting”


Park Joo-bong
“All badminton fans want to see the epic battle between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan at the Rio Olympics especially that will probably be their last Olympics. We all hope he can get past these hurdles and come back to play badminton again.”


Lee Yong-Dae
“It has been a difficult time for Chong Wei, I totally understand his situation. I hope he stays positive, and I look forward to good news from him.”


Please sign petition below, and please help spread the word to convince Badminton World Federation (BWF) that we need Lee Chong Wei to continue playing, and Badminton needs Lee Chong Wei too!


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