Thumbs up to BWF’s effort to curb match throwing

Good move by Badminton World Federation in preventing match-fixing

Kuala Lumpur: In the latest World Ranking System regulations updated by Badminton World Federation (BWF) on June 1,2015, BWF has stepped up their effort to curb match-fixing related to players withdrawal during a tournament.Good move by Badminton World Federation in preventing match-fixing

As noted by on April 14, 2015, in order to maximize the number of its own players to play in the Rio Olympics, if players from both sides came from the same country, certain badminton organization would start asking one side of its player/players to grant walkovers, withdrawals or retirements to another side, so that the winner could earn more points or get more rest prior to another match.

The newly added clause to read as follows:

“In the World Championships or a Level 2 event, if a player or pair withdraws or retires from a match  played  against  a  player  or  pair  from  the  same  member  association  they  will  not  receive ranking points for that tournament”
The Level 2 event comprises of Super Series events, such as Super Series Finals (with prize money over USD $500,000), Super Series Premier (with prize money over USD $400,000), and Super Series (with prize money over USD $200,000).’s note to BWF:
With this new regulation in place, there would definitely be less walkovers or withdrawal from a match played against players from same country. However, some teams would start switching to another loophole in the regulation in which during a match between players from the same country, certain team would ask one side of its players to play not using their best efforts (a.k.a: to lose a match, but not doing it so obviously). Hope BWF could find a way to fix and close the loophole too.


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