PBSI athletes undergo psychological tests

Greysia Polii takes the psychological tests. (photo: PBSI)

Jakarta: Badminton players of the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) were made to undergo a psychological testing on July 4th for the purpose of evaluating their full athletic potential, and assess their abilities across variety of contexts.Greysia Polii takes the psychological tests. (photo: PBSI)

The psychological testing was divided into four primary categories: intelligence, personality, work attitude and leadership.

“The idea of conducting a psychological assessment was originally came from Gita Wirjawan (Chairman of PBSI). He wanted to get an in-depth profile of athlete’s personality, mental toughness, and whether any of them have the potential to become an elite athlete,” said Amran Siregar, the psychologists of PBSI.Badminton players of PBSI are taking the psychological tests. (photo: PBSI)

“Through the psychological test, we can gain further perspective on our athletes’ personality and their base levels of intelligence. From there, we can then determine how to communicate effectively with them. The test results will be out on July 14, and we will discuss the results with the coaches, “added Amran.

The psychological test results will be used by PBSI to identify athletes that possess mental skill and characteristics of a champion, and the results will also be shared with Head of Development and Performance for PBSI – Rexy Mainaky, PBSI officers, and other coaches.

“The data obtained from psychological test will then be matched with everyday facts on the badminton court. This will allowed PBSI to develop an equation that aimed at nurturing and developing athletes more effectively,” said Amran.


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