Chinese Badminton Association blocking the Cai Yun/Mathias Boe partnership

Don't understand why Chinese Badminton Association not allowing Cai Yun to partner Mathias Boe.

Copenhagen: World No. 3 men’s doubles player Mathias Boe from Denmark who is looking forward to forge strong new partnership with the 2012 Olympic champion Cai Yun after his regular partner Carsten Mogensen is still recovering from surgery after suffering a life-threatening rupture of aortic aneurysm in his brain on Feb 18, 2016, was forced to put his new partnership plan on hold after Chinese Badminton Association refused to allow him and Cai Yun to play together.Don't understand why Chinese Badminton Association not allowing Cai Yun to partner Mathias Boe.

Mathias Boe posted on his Facebook on Saturday saying: “The Cai/Boe combination are not happening in Singapore and Malaysia Open. Suddenly yesterday Badminton Denmark received an email saying ‘a doubles pair containing one of your players has been withdrawn’.”

The Dane then realized even Cai Yun was not informed of anything about the decision from his own badminton association.

“I texted Cai asking why, but he didn’t even know we have been withdrawn by Badminton Association of China. And this is were I lose it. How can BWF allow an Association to withdraw players without a consent from the players? Badminton is an individual sport right, and both Cai and I wanted to play, but BWF allow other people than us to decide if we should play or not. This is just another class example of how much power BWF allow the associations to have.”

This is definitely a huge loss for badminton fans, hopefully Cai Yun can resolve the problem effectively with Chinese Badminton Association and still has possible opportunity to play with Mathias Boe in upcoming tournaments.


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