Carsten Mogensen not ruling out possible Rio Olympics return

Badminton fans around the world will continue praying for Carsten Mogensen's good health and speedy recovery. (photo: AFP)

Copenhagen: It’s been one month since Denmark’s top men’s doubles player Carsten collapsed in Kazan on Feb 18 Championships due to rupture of brain aortic aneurysm while participating at 2016 European Men’s & Women’s Team championships.Badminton fans around the world will continue praying for Carsten Mogensen's good health and speedy recovery. (photo: AFP)

Carsten Mogensen has since made astounding recovery after that life-threatening illness.

Director of Elite Sport at Badminton Association of Denmark, Finn Traerup-Hansen told the media on Thursday that the 32-year-old Roskilde born shuttler is showing continued recovery slowly and steadily.

“He was discharged from the Rigshospitalet (Rigshospitalet is one of the largest hospitals in Denmark and the most highly specialized hospital in Copenhagen) rather quickly, the Denmark badminton team is looking at ways to help him recover. However, as of right now, we need to stay patient and the most important thing for us is to get him back to normal life like everyone else who experienced that illness,” said Finn Trærup-Hansen.

When asked about whether Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen can still compete in the Rio Olympics, Finn Trærup-Hansen said: “We don’t know yet, based on the Olympic qualifying points they’ve earned, they should be eligible to compete in Rio Olympics, but we still need to conduct more test around Carsten to monitor his rehabilitation progress,” added Finn Trærup-Hansen.

“His condition is improving and he is becoming more alert and responsive day by day.”

Hansen also explained about a video clip of Carsten Mogensen hitting some shuttlecocks that had been circulated on social media.

“Carsten was not in training. We brought him to the badminton hall to see if he could hit the shuttlecocks. He still has a long way to go before we can put him on more intensive training.”

“Right now, we do not know what we would do next. We will have better idea after the Olympic qualification period ends on May 1st.”

“As for his physical condition, there may be days he could feel very tired. For example, last week after he came down here working out with us.”

“Obviously Carsten can feel himself progressing step by step, he also understood that the recovery will take some time.”

“The Badminton Association of Denmark will do everything we can to support him and to assist him for full recovery.”

According to the latest BWF rankings released on Thursday, Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen have slipped 2 spots from World No. 3 to World No. 5.


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