New pictures surface in Kento Momota scandal

Sexy pictures of Kento Momota and a mysterious woman. (photo: shincho)

Tokyo: Japanese media has heightened interest in Japanese badminton ace Kento Momota’s private life after intimate pictures of him and an unidentified woman were leaked and went viral on internet sites.Sexy pictures of Kento Momota and a mysterious woman. (photo: shincho)

Although Momota has received an indefinite suspension from Nippon Badminton Association (NBA), adding salt to Momota’s wound, who has already been prevented from participating in this summer’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Japanese media has released the second wave of leaked pictures that showed Momota having a great time with other women in a Karaoke entertainment center.Kento Momota was featured on the latest release of a Japanese magazine. (photo: shincho)

Momota’s high school coach Taku Ohori (Aya Ohori’s father) told the media that he hoped Momota could take some time off to rethink his life and future. Momota’s elementary school badminton coach Takashi Yoshikawa also suggested Momota should look forward, he could still represent Japan in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic team.

A waitress who worked near the illegal casino, told Fuji TV station on April 14 that Momota would spend 30,000 Yen ($275 USD) to 40,000 Yen ($367 USD) on a night out and he likes to find cute looking women to accompany him the whole night. Momota would then gradually get drunk and then start kissing his female companion.

Kento Momota has reportedly gambled at the illegal casinos about six times from October 2014 to January 2015 while his teammate and six-time Japan champion Kenichi Tago was a more frequent gambler, losing about 10 million yen in about 60 trips to gambling establishment from October 2014 to January this year.


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