Carsten Mogensen to play first tournament after brain surgery

Wish Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe good luck, and good health! (photo: PBSI)

Jakarta: The current World No. 8 men’s doubles player Carsten Mogensen is set to play his first tournament at the BCA Indonesia Open since undergoing brain surgery in February to treat a ruptured brain aneurysm. He was rushed to a hospital in Kazan, Russia with that life-threatening illness during the European Team Championships.Wish Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe good luck, and good health! (photo: PBSI)

Attending a press conference on Monday in Jakarta, Carsten Mogensen and his partner Mathias Boe remained optimistic despite of not play together in highly competitive tournament for 3 months.Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe are back! (photo: PBSI)

“Two months ago, I faced the biggest challenge in my life. My condition is much better now. I’ve received good treatment in both Russia and Denmark. I am grateful that I was able to make a fast recovery,” said Mogensen.

During his recovery, Mogensen received full support from his family, colleagues and coaches.

“I’ve trained very hard. I am not sure if my game can still be as good as before, but I don’t feel any different,” added Mogensen

“I do not want to retire from the sport of Badminton like this. I’d like to be able to determine when I should retire from Badminton by myself. I also have full support from everyone around me during this time. Doctors have also confirmed that my condition is now normal,” said Mogensen who won silver in 2012 London Olympic Games together with Mathias Boe.Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe during a press conference in Jakarta. (photo: PBSI)

Meanwhile, Mathias Boe also expressed his confidence over his partnership with Carsten Mogensen.

“I’ve paired with Mogensen for about 11 years, although we are no longer in our 20’s, but I believe we still have a lot of room for improvement over the next few months,” said Boe.

“It’s definitely a very challenging situation, because we are only two months away from the Olympics,” said Boe.

“We want to see how far we can go at the Indonesia Open, we must catch up slowly with other top men’s doubles pair such as Ahsan / Hendra,” explained Boe.

Mogensen/Boe will play their first match against Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen of China on Wednesday. If they win their first and second round, they will probably meet second seeds Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan in the quarterfinals.


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