PBSI to improve players’ fitness ahead of Rio Olympics

Rexy Mainaky remains confident for Indonesian shuttlers in Rio. (photo: AFP)

Jakarta: The Badminton Association of Indonesia or PBSI has set up training programs targeting players whose fitness performances fall below expectations ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics.Rexy Mainaky remains confident for Indonesian shuttlers in Rio. (photo: AFP)

“Reports from our coaches show that some of our athletes are struggling with fitness problems, we are trying to strengthen their overall stamina and durability,” said Head of Development and Performance for Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI), Rexy Mainaky.

“We have held a special meeting with our physical trainers to develop some training routine for our players in preparation for the Olympics,” added Mainaky.

Even though the Rio de Janeiro Olympics is less than two months away, Mainaky expressed high confidence for his players.

“I think we have enough time. Together with the training camp, we should be able to improve the physical condition of our players,” said Mainaky.

“The Olympics could be very challenging. Physical fitness becomes extremely important especially when the players have to play at their maximum capacities in all matches,” explained Mainaky who won the 1996 Atlanta Olympics men’s doubles gold medal with Ricky Subagja.


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