P. V. Sindhu lands USD $7.5 million deal

Congratulations to P.V. Sindhu for a well deserved deal. (photo: AP)

Hyderabad: Following her impressive run in Rio, the Olympic silver medalist P. V Sindhu of India was reported to sign a three-year deal with sports management company Baseline that worth up Rs 50 crore (about USD $7.5 million). It was the highest amount an Indian non-cricket player has ever made.Congratulations to P.V. Sindhu for a well deserved deal. (photo: AP)

Speaking to the Indian media on Tuesday, Baseline’s managing director Tuhin Mishra said this was the best deal ever signed by an Indian badminton player.

“Her soaring popularity has attracted the attention of so many companies. In the next three years, we will work to maximize her value. Even after achieving stupendous success, her humility and the value she brings to women power is remarkable,” said Mishra.

Under the deal, Baseline will manage Sindhu’s band profiling, licensing, and other endorsement deals. So far, Baseline is in the final stages of signing 9 endorsements for Sindhu.

“Ever since Sindhu returned from the Olympics, so many people have been approaching her. In the last few days we’ve had intense discussion on whom to endorse. So far we have finalized nine companies. Maybe by the end of next week we will be signing with them. As for the rest, we are yet to take a decision,” added Mishra.

According to Mishra, those deals includes financial institutions, women-centric brands and etc.

The way the deal with Baseline was structured, Sindhu would receive a certain amount of guarantee money upfront every year while the rest will depend on her endorsements. Asked to specify exactly how much Sindhu would earn, Mishra said, “I can’t give a figure now but given the response that we are getting and the sponsors we have on board, Sindhu’s will be the best deal that a non-cricket star can get.”


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