FRENCH OPEN Finals – Lee Chong Wei: “It is nice to win again” (pic)

Lee Chong Wei Won French Open 2011

Malaysian superstar Lee Chong Wei, settled himself back on top of the world after last week’s disillusion against Chen Long. The world number one took one bite of his Kenichi Tago while Wang Xin simply confirmed her reign, taking her second Super Series title in two weeks, this time at the expense of twenty-year-old Li Xuerui, 21-15, 21-19.Lee Chong Wei Won French Open 2011

Lee Chong Wei came back on top of his game, adding another title to his never-ending list. The Malaysian superstar, became the Japanese youngster’s nightmare, assaulting him with hard smashes, bringing up the pace to an inhuman level, showing the confidence he gained after beating his recent nemesis Chen Long is a three-game battle, where he appeared still unable to completely tactically control the game of his Chinese rival.

“The win against Chen Long, really helped me.  I came more confident on court,” admitted the Malaysian player.

The repeat of the All England 2010 final, ended up again in two straight games to Lee Chong Wei, who won it 21-16, 21-11.

With a gentle handshake with his opponent and a traditional kiss on his Malaysian flag, Lee Chong Wei stepped up once again onto the French Open Super Series number one spot.

“It is nice to win again.  I was a bit down after my losses against Chen Long.  Yesterday I had to fight.  It is definitely bringing me confidence for the next tournament, and now hopefully I will be able to win also in Hong Kong and China.”  Asked whether he wanted to meet Lin Dan or not, the Malaysian answered, “It didn’t matter whether it was Lin Dan or not, or whether he is injured.  The most important is that I managed to win.”

Wang Xin was also part of the “Denmark winning team”, getting her second title in a row. The Chinese lady is now leading the Wangs after we had Wang Yihan dominating the game. The twenty-six year-old lady, didn’t seem really troubled by her younger teammate, Li Xuerui from Chongqing Province, and gave another glimpse of the Olympic-bound form she is having at the moment.

It seemed like from the beginning Li Xuerui knew she wouldn’t be able to fight her compatriot, trying all the possible shots, with few possibilities to score points. The majestic Wang Xin, displayed for the packed Pierre de Coubertin stadium her flawless game, fast paced and with her magnificent left-hand touch.


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