Malaysia’s Goh Liu Ying – Lim Yin Loo steal one point from China in Uber Cup Preliminary Round


Goh Liu Ying – Lim Yin Loo steal one point from China in Uber Cup Preliminary Round – Badminton news

Malaysia’s talented shuttlers, Goh Liu Ying and Lim Yin Loo, have proved their incredible skills by defeating higher ranked Bao Yixin and Zhong Qianxin of China in the Group W match of Uber Cup Preliminary Round, in Macau, on Monday, February 13.

However, China won this team-event match against Malaysia with a 4-1 margin on the score board.

Liu Ying and Yin Loo played to their maximum potential and shut the mouths of critics who were expecting a 5-0 defeat to Malaysia from the Chinese shuttlers.

Nevertheless, the victory in this Women’s Doubles contest will certainly help Malaysian shuttlers to play well in the second group match against India.

In the opening game, Liu Ying and Yin Loo put up superb show of attacking badminton and dominated the rallies against the Chinese shuttlers, who failed to play positive game and they also committed unforced errors. The Malaysians won the opening set with a 21-16 score on the board.

In the second game, Liu Ying and Yin Loo continued their stunning performance against the higher ranked Chinese duo and bagged the set with a comfortable score of 21-15. The overall score of this Women’s Doubles battle was 21-16 and 21-15.

Rexy Mainaky, the Doubles coach of Malaysia, appreciated the performance of Liu Ying and Yin Loo and also expressed that it will give confidence to shuttlers and they will be in a better position to beat India.

The coach said that Wong Pei Tty – Chin Eei Hui and Lydia Cheah could not deliver well but Liu Ying and Yin Loo lived up to the expectations.

The coach said, "We took one point from the doubles when everyone was thinking China will win 5-0 and it could have been close if Pei Tty-Eei Hui and Lydia had tried harder. Liu Ying-Yin Loo have shown a lot of character and their good form is a timely boost for us as we will play India tomorrow (today) where we must win to advance to the quarter-finals.”

He also added, "Pei Tty was a little lost as she and Eei Hui had not played as a top pair for some time and I hope they can find their rhythm as a point from India is a must.”

Malaysian females will face Indian squad today and they have to win this match if they want to proceed to the next round.


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