Nozomi Okuhara rises to World No. 1 in BWF ranking

Nozomi Okuhara becomes the new World No. 1 women's singles player. (photo: AFP)
Nozomi Okuhara becomes the new World No. 1 women's singles player. (photo: AFP)

Tokyo: Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara has climbed 2 spots in the latest BWF women’s singles badminton rankings to World No. 1 even after she lost her French Open second round last Thursday to Carolina Marin 18-21, 17-21.

Speaking to Japanese media after she landed at Narita International Airport on Oct 29, she was excited to be ranked World No. 1.

“Becoming the World number one is indeed one of my goals. I am very happy to be able to achieve that goal,” said Okuhara.

The only shortcoming for Okuhara was, she has yet to win a title in 2019.

“I’m happy, but I rise to the top not because I have won many tournaments. Therefore, the ranking made me realized I would have to work harder,” added Okuhara.

Due to the devastating impact of typhoon Hagibis which struck northern Japan over last weekend, Okuhara’s flight to her hometown in Nagano was delayed.

People in Nagano prefecture have been struggling since the torrential rain brought by Typhoon Hagibis flooded a wide area along the Chikuma River since last weekend.

“The damaged caused by the typhoon in my hometown was very serious. Many people have expressed their condolences to me, I hope people in my hometown and I can work hard together in rebuilding their destroyed home and my badminton career, thanks,” said Okuhara.

Other Japanese badminton players currently ranked No. 1 in last BWF ranking were Kento Momota in men’s singles and Wakana Nagahara/Mayu Matsumoto in women’s doubles.


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