Park Joo-Bong: Kento Momota is more handsome than ever

Can't wait to see Kento Momota back in action! (photo: Kento Momota's Twitter)
Can't wait to see Kento Momota back in action! (photo: Kento Momota's Twitter)

Tokyo: Japan’s badminton chief coach Park Joo-bong told the media that the long break for international badminton due to Covid-19 lockdown was actually a blessing in disguise for World No. 1 men’s singles player Kento Momota.

Momota who suffered cuts to his face and multiple bruises after the vehicle that was sending him to the Malaysian International Airport was involved in a fatal car crash that eventually killed the driver of the van on Jan 13, 2020.

“Since all international badminton tournaments have been suspended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it has given Momota time to deal with the scars on his face,” said Park.

“He did a small plastic surgery to remove the scar on his face, helping him to get back to the handsome face he had before the accident,” said Park jokingly.

Park also revealed that Momota has been training in his own club during the coronavirus lockdown in Japan. Momota has been controlling his body fat, and his current physical condition is better than before.

“Fortunately, the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed for one year, which gave Momota more time to recover and to prepare for the Tokyo Games. Momota is currently waiting patiently to re-join the Japanese national badminton team when the lockdown is over,” added Park.

Park said that he hoped to send Japanese shuttlers to play in three consecutive tournaments later this year, including the Korea Open (September 8-13), the China Open (September 15-20), and the Japan Open (September 22-27).

However, Momota would not participate in all three tournaments. He would probably only play at the China and Japan Open.


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