Badminton Fans Hit Out At BWF’s Statement Related To The Controversial HYLO Open 2022 Men’s Singles Final

Absolutely speechless about the ass-covering statement from BWF. (photo: BWF and Internet)
Absolutely speechless about the ass-covering statement from BWF. (photo: BWF and Internet)

Kuala Lumpur: After staying silent for one day, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) finally released an explanation to defend the controversial call made by umpire Henrik Boas of Denmark in the HYLO Open final between Chou Tien Chen and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting when the score was at 22-22 in the decider.

Here’s the statement from BWF:

“The Badminton World Federation (BWF) can confirm it is reviewing events that transpired during the HYLO Open 2022 men’s singles final between Chou Tien Chen (TPE) and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (INA) on Sunday 6 November.

BWF trusts that all umpires endeavour to make the best call he or she can make in real time.

However, even if a mistake occasionally occurs, a referee cannot overrule the decision of an umpire on a point of fact and an umpire’s decision stands as final.”

That clarification pretty much proved that the tournament referee was completely useless during that moment, and even though there were so many cameras doing a live broadcast from different angles of the stadium, BWF just refused to grant an instant replay and those cameras were useless as well.

Here is a slow motion from another angle that shows the shuttlecock didn’t touch the floor when Chou Tien Chen returned it to Ginting’s side:

Enough said, let’s see what the fans have to say in response to BWF’s statement above:

“Shame on BWF. WTF is the garbage announcement? BWF Didi not give both of two player the justice. They deserved to get respect. The umpire’s judgement harm them and all bedmintion fan. No one can believe the BWF official can change and believe umpires are just to do every judge. There is no remedy or modification of the existing rule flaws really makes one wonder why BWF There is a need to exist. The purpose of existence is to destroy the players and drain the benefits they bring. I haven’t seen any positive actions for these players and for the promotion of badminton.”

“You just ask people not to blame the Referee, but did you guys respect the players on the court?
The effort they gave just being insulted!

“I’m Indonesian, but I’m really really unhappy to see this had to happen. Umpire must have something going on his head or just very inept. Also, if referee have no authority at all, then just remove the referee lah, no need to anyone for that position, just use pdf to explain rules lol.”

““Say sorry” is this very difficult❓”

“Video Assistant Referee or Video Assistant Umpire will be beneficial for both official and player. Make it like Hawk-Eye so each player only have 1 or 2 chance to use VAR. Human factor is still important but we can make it better by using the technology more.”

“The problem is YOU give the umpire too much power as if they were PLAYING GOD, and now it’s also YOU telling us that people can make mistakes so guys don’t be so mean. Well, it’s just..”

“Save the sports by applying correction. No one is perfect so does the umpire. If football can have VAR maybe badminton should consider applying the same, or at least we already have Hawkeye and it works like a gem! If Hawkeye can overule in/out decision, why cant we use the same for CTC’s case?”


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