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Please sign the petition to support Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei is one of the greatest badminton players to ever play the game. His rise from an unknown shuttler in the early 2000’s to world number one men’s singles player is a prime example of what determination, hard work and a refusal to give up can achieve and many great badminton players of all ages are lovingly looking up to him.Please sign the petition to support Lee Chong Wei

Furthermore, Chong Wei is the sole men’s singles player who can consistently challenge top players such as Lin Dan and Chen Long from the badminton powerhouse China. His rivalry with Lin Dan has transformed into the most sought-after badminton event around the world. As a powerful and formidable fighter in the men’s singles category, Chong Wei’s has added excitement to the sport of badminton and kept fans rallied behind him to which otherwise would be a one-sided sport dominated by shuttlers from a single country.


His contributions on and off the court has helped catapult the popularity of badminton to a whole new level — one that now sparks a global interest in the sport of badminton. Chong Wei’s presence also greatly impacted attendance at games, and tournament sponsorships. That’s undoubtedly why he’s is so vital in the globalization of badminton.


It’s hard to imagine watching a high level badminton match with no Lee Chong Wei. Without him, it’ll left us with dull and boring matches dominated by players from the same country. This would turn a vibrant, growing sport into a lifeless slump.


Please sign this petition, and help convince the Badminton World Federation (BWF) that we need Lee Chong Wei to continue playing, and Badminton needs Lee Chong Wei too!


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