Premier Badminton League’s 15-point format makes the game even more challenging

PV Sindhu is looking forward to a new Premier Badminton League season.(photo: AFP)

New Delhi: With the Premier Badminton League (PBL) all set to kick-off on January 2nd, the 16-day long extravaganza will witness the introduction of Trump Match, a rule which will prove to be the game-changer for PBL, taking the excitement to a new level each day. Trump Match aims at testing each team’s as well as the player’s ability to thrive under pressure, ensuring that they use the Trump match for their benefit in going up the points table.PV Sindhu is looking forward to a new Premier Badminton League season.(photo: AFP)


There will be five matches in a tie and every team will have the option of selecting one of these matches as their ‘Trump Match’, in which, a victory would give the team a bonus point and a loss a negative point.

In another minor rule modification, each match will take in consideration the best of three Games and each game will be played for 15 points and a sudden death at 14 all.

India’s top women’s singles shuttler PV Sindhu said the new 15-point format will make the ties more interesting.

“With few new rule changes in the Premier Badminton League, it’s going to make the matches more interesting and players will have to be more focused during their matches,” said Sindhu.

“The 15 points format will make the matches whole lot tougher, players need to maintain their concentration throughout the whole match.” added Sindhu.

The new format will keep each team on the edge as each day will produce a new result and might put different teams on a better position compared to the positions that they were a day earlier. So no team can take any day lightly as one wrong move will prove tables changing for them.

PV Sindhu will play for Chennai Smashers in this season’s PBL, alongside some great teammates such as Sony Dwi Kuncoro, Simon Santoso, Pranaav Jerry Chopra, and Chris Adcock.

Six franchisees such as Delhi Acers, Hyderabad Hunters, Bengaluru Top Guns, Chennai Smashers, Mumbai Rockets and Awadhe Warriors are participating in this season’s PBL.


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