Bookie offers up to USD $77k to throw badminton matches

Match fixing is usually motivated by money.
Match fixing is usually motivated by money.

Kuala Lumpur: A former Malaysian badminton player admitted that match fixing in badminton is not something new. A player would receive a lucrative payout especially when they purposely throw matches in the earlier rounds.
The former World No. 1 player claimed that there were players who received up to USD $77k (about RM300,000) from a bookie in 2006-2007.

“This is not something new. Perhaps, what’s new is the use of technology that make it difficult to trace the interaction between bookies and the players.

“What we are seeing or hearing now is just a small part of the real problem. I was surprised when I found out something like this over 10 years ago.”

“One time, when I was playing in an European tournament and I was able to make the quarter-finals. We usually had breakfast at the cafeteria in the hotel, and there was a computer at the corner of the hotel.”

“I used that computer to check the match score and I noticed there was an official betting website on that computer. It was even more surprising when I saw my name on that website.”

“The process of making a bet is easier, you just have to choose who you think will win. Of course I cannot bet on myself but I know there are players who ask his friends to make a bet on him to lose and from there he get a lot of money.”

“I know a player can earn up to USD $77k (RM300,000) while the prize money for winning the tournament is only USD $6,000 (about RM23,000).”

According to him, he followed the match-fixing scandal involving two Malaysian professional players very closely and believed the World Badminton Federation (BWF) will act accordingly based on the information provided.

“I’m not sure if BWF had previously monitored the lifestyle of these two players because there are many players out there, and we should just wait for the results of the trial in Singapore at the end of this month,” he said.

Last week, Malaysia’s NSTP Sport revealed a professional player in Malaysia was being investigated for allegedly throwing the match.

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) however confirmed that not one, but two professional players were temporarily suspended from all competitions pending on the BWF investigation.

The two players must attend the trial in Singapore on 26 and 27 February and will be banned for life if found guilty.


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