PBSI announce roster moves ahead of 2020 season

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan of Indonesia are aiming for the Tokyo Olympic men's doubles gold medal. (photo: Shi Tang/Getty Images)
Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan of Indonesia are aiming for the Tokyo Olympic men's doubles gold medal. (photo: Shi Tang/Getty Images)

Jakarta: The Badminton Association of Indonesia or PBSI have announced a number of roster changes as the highest governing body of badminton in Indonesia began preparations for the 2020 season.

PBSI has chosen as many as 105 players for the main and secondary units of the Indonesia national badminton team compared to only 98 shuttlers in 2019. The organization has included a lot of young players to the 2020 list, aiming to grow and to nurture them to become future top badminton players.

“There was a significant increase in the number of players, especially in the secondary unit. Last year the total number of players in the national team was 98, but it has increased to 105 players in 2020,” said Susi Susanti, the High Performance Director of PBSI.

“The main reason of recruiting many young players was to nurture these young players under the national team set up,” added Susanti.

Several senior Indonesian players were also dropped from the 2020 Indonesian national team.

“Some senior players have resigned because they either were unable to compete or were not able to meet the targets set by PBSI. They were looking for a professional career outside of the Indonesian national team,” explained Susanti.

Currently, all Indonesian national team players have returned and trained at their own badminton clubs starting December 16. They will return to PBSI on January 6, 2020 to get ready for the Malaysia Masters that will take place in the second week of January.

The following players have been selected by PBSI for the 2020 season:

Men’s Singles

Main unit:
1. Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (SGS PLN Bandung, West Java)

2. Jonatan Christie (Tangkas, DKI Jakarta)

3. Shesar Hiren Rhustavito (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

4. Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

5. Ikhsan Leonardo Imanuel Rumbay (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

6. Gatjra Piliang Fiqihilahi Cupu (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

7. Karono Suwarno (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

8. Firman Abdul Kholik (Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, West Java)

9. Vicky Angga Saputra (Tangkas, DKI Jakarta)

Secondary unit:
1. Syabda Perkasa Belawa (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

2. Yonathan Ramlie (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

3. Christian Adinata (Tangkas, DKI Jakarta)

4. Bobby Setiabudi (Djarum Kudus, Central Java

5. Muhammad Sultan N. Mayang (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

6. Tegar Sulistio (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

7. Alvi Wijaya Chairullah (Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, West Java)

8. Muh. Asqar Harianto (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

9. Damas Mawardi Putra (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

10. Yonanes Saut Marcelino (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

Women’s Singles
Main unit:

1. Gregoria Mariska Tunjung (Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, West Java)

2. Fitriani (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

3. Ruselli Hartawan (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

4. Choirunnisa (Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, West Java)

5. Putri Kusuma Wardani (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

6. Yasnita Enggira Setyawan (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

7. Asty Dwi Widyaningrum (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

8. Nandini Putri Arumni (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

Secondary unit:
1. Stephanie Widjaja (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

2. Aisyah Sativa Fatetani (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

3. Siti Sarah Azzahra (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

4. Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

5. Saifi Rizka Nurhidayah (Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, West Java)

6. Tasya Farahnailah (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

7. Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

8. Bilqis Prasista (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

Men’s Doubles
Main unit:
1. Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

2. Marcus Fernaldi Gideon (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

3. Fajar Alfian (SGS PLN Bandung, West Java)

4. Muhammad Rian Ardianto (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

5. Leo Rolly Carnando (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

6. Daniel Marthin (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

7. Bagas Maulana (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

8. Muhammad Shohibul Fikri (SGS PLN Bandung, West Java)

9. Sabar Karyaman Gutama (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

10. Moh. Reza Pahlevi Isfahani (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

11. Ade Yusuf Santoso (Wima, East Java)

12. Wahyu Nayaka Arya Pankaryanira (Tangkas, DKI Jakarta)

13. Hendra Setiawan (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

14. Mohammad Ahsan (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

Secondary unit:
1. Pramudya Kusumawardana Riyanto (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

2. Yeremia Erich Yoche Yacob (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

3. Muhammad Rayhan Nur Fadillah (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

4. Rahmat Hidayat (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

5. Amri Syahnawi (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

6. Muhammad Fachrikar P. Mansur (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

7. Asghar Herfanda (Djarum Kudus, Central Java)

9. Chrisandy Santosa (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

10.Enzo Ramadhan Satriadi (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

Women’s Doubles:

Main Unit:
1. Greysia Polii (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

2. Apriyani Rahayu (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

3. Tania Oktaviani Kusumah (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

4. Ni Ketut Mahadewi Istarani (Suryanaga, Jawa Timur)

5. Yulfira Barkah (Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, Jawa Barat)

6. Agatha Imanuela (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

7. Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

8. Ribka Sugiarto (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

9. Febriana Dwipuji Kusuma (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

10. Amallia Cahaya Pratiwi (Mutiara Cardinal Bandung, Jawa Barat)

11. Nita Violina Marwah (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

12. Putri Syaikah Ulima Hidayat (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

Secondary Unit:
1. Melanni Mamahit (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

2. Tryola Nadia (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

3. Putri Larasati (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

4. Jesita Putri Miantoro (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

5. Rachel Alleyssia Rose (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

6. Meilysia Trias Puspita (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

7. Nethania Irawan (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

8. Febi Setianingrum (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

9. Kelly Larissa (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

10. Savira Nurul Husnia (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

11. Febby Valencia Dwijayanti Gani (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

Mixed Doubles:
Main Unit:
1. Praveen Jordan (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

2. Melati Daeva Oktavianti (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

3. Hafiz Faizal (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

4. Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

5. Rinov Rivaldy (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

6. Pitha Haningtyas Mentari (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

7. Marsheilla Gischa Islami (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

8. Andika Ramadiansyah (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

9. Winny Oktavina Kandow (Tangkas, DKI Jakarta)

10. Akbar Bintang Cahyono (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

11. Adnan Maulana (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

12. Mychelle Crhystine Bandaso (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

13. Tontowi Ahmad (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

Secondary Unit:
1. Rehan Naufal Kusharjanto (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

2. Lisa Ayu Kusumawati (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

3. Ghifari Anandaffa Prihardika (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

4. Angelica Wiratama (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

5. Zachariah Josiahno Sumanti (Tangkas, DKI Jakarta)

6. Hediana Julimarbela (Exist, DKI Jakarta)

7. Indah Cahya Sari Jamil (Djarum Kudus, Jawa Tengah)

8. Teges Satriaji Cahyo (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

9. Lanny Tria Mayasari (Jaya Raya, DKI Jakarta)

10. Muhammad Yusuf Maulana (Exist, DKI Jakarta)


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