Lee Chong Wei’s timely donation saves the life of a 6-month-old baby

Lee Chong Wei and the baby girl who suffers from ventricular septal defect (Photo: 人民邮报)

Kuala Lumpur: Lee Chong Wei who has been actively involved in relief efforts for flood victims affected by Malaysia’s worst flooding in a decades, made a life-saving impact recently on a 6-month old baby girl who suffered from ventricular septal defect (VSD) — sometimes referred to as a hole in the heart, by donating RM30, 000 to help pay for her medical expenses.Lee Chong Wei and the baby girl who suffers from ventricular septal defect (Photo: 人民邮报)


Due to ventricular septal defect, the Penang born baby girl’s blood often flowed into her lungs, and she has been given continuous respiratory support since birth. The baby girl was reportedly rushed to Kuala Lumpur from Penang after her condition has worsened. However, the Kuala Lumpur Hospital required her father to pay a RM25, 000 deposits before they could perform surgery to correct her VSD.The baby girl with family members before the surgery (Photo: Superbike Caring Group)

The baby’s father who was felling anxious over the money, and who was also worrying about his daughter’s condition took a notion to try his luck in contacting Lee Chong Wei who has shown great concern for the baby girl.

When Lee Chong Wei found out the baby’s condition required immediate treatment, he quickly sent his assistant to Kuala Lumpur Hospital to pay the M25, 000 deposits, and gave another RM 5,000 to the baby’s father to cover his other expenses.

After a successful surgical repair of the VSD and a post-surgical evaluation, the baby girl was discharged from Kuala Lumpur hospital and has gone back to Penang to begin her healing process.


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