Morten Frost tries to increase coaches’ salaries

Hope Morten Frost can bring some much needed joy to Malaysian fans

Kuala Lumpur: They say behind every successful man there’s a woman, but in the Badminton Association of Malaysia’s (BAM) case, the coaches play an important role as they provide guidance and support behind scenes to the Malaysian shuttlers.Hope Morten Frost can bring some much needed joy to Malaysian fans

In recognition of the importance of coaches, newly hired BAM technical director – Morten Frost has drafted a new coaching and training program and awaiting approval by the BAM exco.

Morten Frost told reporters that in his proposal, if adopted, would also provide salary increase for all coaches under the BAM umbrella.

“I have my plans laid out and ready to execute, but I need sufficient budget to make things happen,” said Frost.

“I’ve allocated budget for players, and tournaments. I have also asking for increase of the annual budget for the coaches. I hope BAM would consider and approve my requests,” added Frost.

He also revealed that he is going to appoint a local coach to join the senior team.

In another interaction with the press on Monday, Morten Frost said all existing BAM players will be given equal opportunities to perform at the newly established objectives intended to boost their results before any final decisions are made.

“Both coaches and players were given new goals and new opportunities to make a difference and pursue our purpose. We want to be realistic and set a specific and fair time frame for everyone to accomplish their goals.”

“All players will be evaluated according to their results. It’s not fair for me to decide which player I want to keep after just 10 days in the organization,” said Frost.


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