Lee Chong Wei says he’s following doctor’s advice, making a slow and steady comeback!

Let's go Lee Chong Wei, we all love you!! (photo: AFP)
Let's go Lee Chong Wei, we all love you!! (photo: AFP)

Kuala Lumpur: Making his first public appearance since coming back from Taiwan on October 7th upon completion of his cancer-treatment, the Malaysian badminton superstar, Lee Chong Wei, held a press conference accompanied by president of Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) Norza Zakaria and the secretary of BAM Ng Chin Chai on Thursday in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

The former World No. 1 revealed a lot of details of what he had been through when he first found out about the early-stage nose cancer, the discomfort he had experienced during the treatment, and unveiling future plans for his badminton career.

Lee who looked upbeat and relaxed during the press conference, described that he was in shocked and disbelief when he was diagnosed with the early stage nose cancer.

Lee Chong Wei answers questions from the media. (photo: kwongwah)
Lee Chong Wei answers questions from the media. (photo: kwongwah)

“After returning from Indonesia Open, I experienced some health problems and I decided to do a complete medical check-up. As soon as I received the result, I was very shock and cried for a week.”

“I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. I seemed to have lost my focus at that time.”

“But I also understood that I need to get past the sadness and should start looking for treatment,” said Lee Chong Wei who also re-assured his fans that he would not retire and is planning to play until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

He said he love the sport of badminton very much, that’s why he is not retiring. However, he would listen to the doctor’s advice and return to the competitive badminton slowly.

The three-time Olympic silver medalist told media that he had just arrived home yesterday after receiving the latest round of check-up in Taiwan and is expecting to make a full comeback in two months.

“Of course, I can’t say that I will return to badminton completely. Everything still depends on the doctor’s orders.”

“For me, health is the most important right now.”

He said that he had yet to restore his previous training intensity, but already started some light physical training at home.

Lee also showed the media the skin of his neck which had become darkened due to Electro Cancer Therapy (ECT) he received throughout the painful treatments process.

“I was not able to speak and swallow when receiving treatment. The first stage of treatment was the hardest.”

However, in order to keep his body strong enough to endure the treatment process, he forced himself to at least eat something every day, but the painful feeling made him cry every time he ate.

“It was the hardest time in my life. The pain and injuries I experienced on the court was completely incomparable to the pain of treatment.”

Lee Chong Wei was grateful that his family has given him full support of returning to badminton because everyone knows that he loves badminton.


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