Morten Frost finally gets what he wanted

Morten Frost (left) talks to Rashid Sidek at a training session (photo: Osman Adnan)

Kuala Lumpur: When I was growing up, my parents rarely give me everything I’ve ever wanted, and I always wished I was the kid few blocks away from my house who got all the cool toys my family couldn’t afford.Morten Frost (left) talks to Rashid Sidek at a training session (photo: Osman Adnan)


Believe it or not, the newly hired technical director of Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) – Morten Frost just became the luckiest “kid” in Malaysia, when the BAM executive committee approved his proposal by giving him greater power with larger budget to run the coaching and training program.

“I am glad the BAM exco have given me total support in my new coaching and training program, and I also got approval for my large budget proposal,” said Morten Frost.

Morten Frost’s new proposal would provide salary increase for all coaches under the BAM umbrella, and players would receive monetary incentives if they performed well in competitions. Under the new setting, Frost would also take over the role of chief coach which has currently been divided into two departments, with Rashid Sidek as the singles chief coach and Jeremy Gan as the doubles chief coach.

“Going forward, I will be the chief coach. Coaches from both the elite team and BJSS (Bukit Jalil Sports School) will report to me. All coaches will receive the new contract next week, and they’ll have to decide whether to accept or reject the new contract,” added Frost.

“Meanwhile, I also need to manage the development programs at the state level and to set short and long term targets for all players.”


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