Carsten Mogensen’s future in badminton uncertain, says doctor

Mathian Boe (L) and Carsten Mogensen (R) of Denmark lift the 2013 London Badminton Grand Prix trophy.

Kazan: World No. 3 men’s doubles player Carsten Mogensen who underwent brain surgery to treat the rupture of an aortic aneurysm in his brain last week, has been showing positive signs of recovery.Mathian Boe (L) and Carsten Mogensen (R) of Denmark lift the 2013 London Badminton Grand Prix trophy.

His men’s doubles partner – Mathias Boe has been updating the badminton community on Mogensen’s progress by posting on Facebook since the surgery, below was the latest post from Mathias Boe.

“Just an update from Kazan.
Carsten is progressing by baby steps. He hardly eat or drink anything, and is barely awake. Doctors say its normal after such a surgery, however it would be nice if he soon starts eating more. He haven’t had any food since the surgery. He got a massive headache and it’s gets worse when he gets up, so it’s a 5 min struggle every time we want him to sit or stand up of a few seconds, however when he get up, he walk all fine by himself to the bathroom. He barely speaks, but him lame humor is still there, we told him that he needs to sit up, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sit on an airplane and fly home, then he just replied, ‘then I will just ride a bicycle home'”

Nevertheless, Denmark’s team doctor Morten Storgaard said it is hard to predict whether Mogensen’s can ever get back to playing competitive badminton again after surviving such a life-threatening illness.

“Right now, Mogensen is doing absolutely fine after the operation, it may take few months for us to know whether he has developed any complication.”

Carsten Mogensen is currently still staying in the hospital in Russia, while the Danish men’s team that won the 2016 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships last Sunday has returned to Denmark on Monday.


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