Lee Chong Wei denies sex tape: “It’s not me”

Come on, Lee Chong Wei and this guy look completely different!
Come on, Lee Chong Wei and this guy look completely different!

Kuala Lumpur: Just when everybody is wondering about the Malaysian shuttler who was under investigation by Badminton World Federation (BWF) for allegedly involved in a match-fixing scandal, another huge bomb was dropped on Monday that a video titled ‘Lee Chong Wei’s sex tape’ has gone viral on social media showing a thin guy having sex with a girl.
Lee himself, showed a tremendous sense of humor when he was interviewed by Malaysian media about the tape.

“Many people have sent the video to me, by the way, you want me to forward it to you?” said Lee with laughter.

Lee then became serious and brushing off the allegation by saying the guy in the video was not him.

“It’s not me!”

“This is ridiculous, take one look at the video and you’ll know it’s not me,” said Lee.

“That guy doesn’t even look like me.”

Lee also said that he will file a police report about the tape.

“I’ll file a police report. I would like to clear my name and I want police to find the person behind all this,” added Lee.

While becoming the main subject of sex tapes, Lee Chong Wei reminded reporters that someone might be trying to tarnish his name prior to the release of his biopic, title “Lee Chong Wei: Rise of the Legend”, which will premiere o


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