PB Djarum win Indonesia’s 2019 Djarum Badminton League

Players from PB Djarum pose for pictures during the award ceremony. (photo: PBSI)
Players from PB Djarum pose for pictures during the award ceremony. (photo: PBSI)

Bandung: Third time’s a charm, after advancing to Indonesia’s Djarum Badminton League final for three consecutive times, PB Djarum finally able to lift the title this year, beating Musica Trinity with a final score of 3-1 on Sunday.

Previously, PB Djarum managed to advance to the final of the Djarum Badminton league during the 2015 edition in Bali and the 2017 edition in Surabaya, but both times were stopped by Musica Trinity.

PB Djarum’s victory has also brought halt to the Musica Trinity dynasty where it has won the league title for four times including 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Meanwhile, PB Djarum’s victory was especially impressive where all its players were represented by only Indonesian shuttlers, with World No. 1 men’s doubles player Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo spearheading the team.

“First, this was a remarkable achievement. From two times to the final, to finally winning the title this year. When compared to the previous editions, we were far more well prepared this year even if we did not use the services of foreign players,” said PB Djarum team manager, Fung Permadi.

Permadi also revealed that he had set up some strategies when facing the Musica Trinity in the final.

“This result was within our expectation. Previously, we were confidence that Shesar, Akbar/Berry were able to score points in the second men’s singles and second men’s doubles match,” said Permadi.

“I am glad Akbar/Berry managed to prove that they are still a top quality pair by contributing the winning point to our team,” added Permadi.

Akbar Bintang Cahyono/Berry Angriawan became the heroes as they successfully delivered PB Djarum’s winning point by defeating Lee Yong Dae/Kim Sa Rang of Musica Trinity 21-15 and 21-11.

Following are the complete results of the tie between PB Djarum and Musica Trinity:

Men’s singles 1: Ihsan Maulana Mustofa (PB Djarum) vs Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (Musica Trinity): 15-21, 22-20, 18-21

Men’s Double 1: Mohammad Ahsan / Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo (PB Djarum) vs Fajar Alfian / Vladimir Ivanov (Musica Trinity): 21-18, 21-14

Men’s singles 2: Shesar Hiren Rhustavito (PB Djarum) vs Jonatan Christie (Musica Trinity): 19-21, 25-23, 21-14

Men’s Doubles 2: Akbar Bintang Cahyono / Berry Angriawan (PB Djarum) vs Lee Yong Dae / Kim Sa Rang (Musica Trinity): 21-15, 21-11

Men’s singles 3: Ikhsan Leonardo Imanuel Rumbay (PB Djarum) vs Chico Aura Dwiwardoyo (Musica Trinity): (did not played)


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