Badminton fan dies of heart attack during Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan match at Rio Olympics

A funeral ceremony for the heart attack victim.

Kuala Lumpur: When two of the best badminton players of all time – Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan clashed in the Rio Olympics semi-finals last Friday, not only the whole badminton world was brought to a grinding halt to watch them play, a 62-year-old Malaysian fan also suffered a fatal heart attack at the end of the three-set thriller.A funeral ceremony for the heart attack victim.

According to the niece of the 62-year-old handyman who has already passed away, her uncle was extremely excited when Lee Chong Wei was leading 20-17 in the decider. However, after Lin Dan levelled the score at 20-20, her uncle appeared to be unsatisfied, then suddenly fainted and became senseless and motionless on the couch.

She and her mother quickly called an ambulance for immediate medical help, however her uncle was found to be already clinically dead upon the arrival of professional emergency medical technicians.

During the XOX Olympic incentives ceremony on Friday, Lee Chong Wei also expressed his heartfelt condolence to the victim.


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